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In this Website you'll be able to find information about our company, what we do and, first of all, how we can take care of you.  This site allows you to contact us for further informations.


Our main activity is divided into three Development Fields:


 TECHNICAL SUPPPORT, "global or partial", from concept, project to production


 ASIA PACIFIC - CHINA  linkage, ensuring the operations performance.


• CONSULTING  for industrial and technical solutions.

Technical Support

Into the "industrial" sector (engineering, operations and production): 

     - Automotive, motorcycles, accessories
     - Manufacturing ,assembling.
     - machinery, installations, production plants.
     - Tooling, molds. 
     - Components, miscellaneous...      

      We give solutions and management with regard to:

      - R&D concept product&process.
     - Design and product engineering.
     - Technical solutions and new materials.
     - Design and validation molds.
     - Selection and installation of machinery.
     - Industrialization -ramp up.
     - Production - stabilization.
     - Suppliers - outsourcing.

Asia Pacific - China

 Our task is to give support for the operational of the asia-pacific area, mainly in the following scopes:

   - Establishment - operational: WFOEs or/and JV , partnership, contracts.
   - Engineering - design&projects.
   - Facilities - machinery
   - Production.
   - Recruitment.
   - Tooling - molds.
   - Suppliers, "partners", B2B.

=> Full support , from " 0" up to series production "stable".

 Bridging the synergies between Europe and Asia, to reduce costs, time and risks.    


We can provide a technical support without a direct action from us, recomending the preventive actions and possible solutions:

  - Organization & operative.
  - Production flows "Layout".
  - Process - Management Suppliers
  - System total quality.
  - Technical improvements in product / process.
  - Machinery -Instalaltion.
  - Tooling.
  - Suppliers.
  - PLM programs.

 Using familiar tools such as: VSM, 6sigma, 6S,Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Tt , re-engineering, (review of FMEAs .... etc), capacity studies ... in order to find the points of improvement and recommended actions to perform.

 On the basis of our experience: we try to give recommendations "simplifying" to find the best solution in terms of productivity (cost/quality) with the lowest "risk" as possible for the companies.


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